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I totally dig using BJD (Ball Jointed Dolls) and Monster High Dolls to breathe life into my custom-made dolls. It’s like magic when I repaint them and give them a totally unique and personalized vibe. And you know what? I’m all about creating new threads and accessories that match their individual personalities to a T. Oh, and let’s not forget the custom hair that completes their one-of-a-kind look! It’s a crazy creative process that lets me express my love for doll customization in the most detailed and mind-blowing way.

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I make custom dolls and accessories

I enjoy utilizing BJD (Ball Jointed Dolls) and Monster High Dolls to bring my custom made dolls to life. Through the art of repainting, I am able to give them a unique and personalized look. Additionally, I love designing new clothes and accessories that perfectly match their individual personalities. To add that extra touch, I even create custom hair to complete their one-of-a-kind appearance. It’s a creative process that allows me to express my passion for doll customization in the most detailed and intricate way.

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Art the clown

Well. Ordered a custom made doll for my soulmate. Not sure I will ever be able to sleep at his house again. 90% sure that Art the clown is going to come to life and slaughter us all. This may have been a mistake. The craftsmanship was too good

She hand painted all of my tattoos!

My sister wanted to practice her doll tattoo skills and I got to be her guinea pig. I have over 3 dozen tattoos ranging from teeny tiny to my entire spine. And unfortunately for her I got a couple in the midst of her making the doll. The amount

This doll is SOOOO Cool

Maybe I’m a little bias because she’s my sister but this is the coolest gift I’ve ever gotten! And it’s the first doll she ever made! I’ve watched my sisters skills grow over the past few years since she got into painting dolls and she never ceases to amaze

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