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Eloy, AZ
United, States

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So, get this: I make this insanely awesome handmade doll for my sister as a surprise gift, right? And guess what happens next? My cute little daughter, who was totally glued to the whole process, jumps up and goes, “Mom, I want one too!” I mean, how could I say no to that level of excitement, right? So, I grab this Monster High doll and work my magic to turn it into a mini-me version of her. I carefully paint its face to look just like my daughter’s adorable mug, style its hair like I’m a professional stylist, and even make these tiny clothes that match her fashion sense to a T. And just like that, bam! I’ve got this one-of-a-kind doll that brings pure joy to my little girl’s heart. Pretty epic, if you ask me!

Addie's Hobbies

Playing Roblox, Riding her pony, Harassing her mom for snacks.

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